How to make a homemade chocolate bar from scratch

How to make a homemade chocolate bar from scratch

There’s a lot to love about this homemade chocolate-covered strawberry choc-chip bar.

It’s made from the seeds and pulp of a strawberry and it’s made in a blender and you’re allowed to have it cold.

It tastes amazing and I’ve had it since I opened the shop.

Here’s how to make it yourself.

Read more about homemade chocolate bars here. 

I’ve been told that the strawberries are actually a good source of vitamin C, which is important for the body to repair itself after being exposed to sunlight and stress.

The strawberries are also high in antioxidants and can help protect the body from oxidative stress. 

Ingredients: 10 strawberries, dried strawberries, strawberries hulls, strawberries, berries, seeds, sugar, water, coconut oil, honey, vinegar, cocoa powder, sea salt, cocoa butter, vanilla extract, dried fruits, milk, sea vegetables Directions: 1.

Place the strawberries in a pot or a saucepan.

Bring the water to a boil over high heat. 


When the water boils, remove from heat and place in a large bowl.

Allow to cool to room temperature. 


Add the strawberries hulled and dried to the boiling water, and let them sit for 10 minutes. 


After 10 minutes, remove the hulled strawberries and discard. 


In a blender, blend the strawberries for a few minutes until they are completely smooth. 


Pour the mixture into a small bowl and let cool. 


Place in a freezer bag, seal the bag and store it in the fridge. 


If you want to make the strawberry chocolatier, you can simply add the dried strawberries to a blender along with the strawberries, hulls and berries. 


Put the strawberries on the counter and place them on the table. 


Pour over the strawberry mixture and cover the strawberry bowl with the bowl. 


The next day, place the strawberries back in the freezer for another 10 minutes or so. 12. 

Make sure that the strawberry is still warm and not frozen and then place it back in a plastic bag or bowl.

   Repeat steps 3-5 until all the strawberries have been used. 

Source: Amarie G. via The Arugula Cookbook


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