How to make handmade chocoholics’ dreams come true in Toronto

How to make handmade chocoholics’ dreams come true in Toronto

TORONTO – It was a long, busy day in the Toronto office of the Canadian handmade chocolate makers.

They were working on the launch of their first store, an exclusive location on Yonge St. between Bloor and Spadina.

But the excitement wasn’t enough for all of them, who were also eager to share their creations with the world.

“We’ve been working on this project for about a year,” said one of the team members.

“So, we’re really excited.

And the thing is, we don’t know what we’re going to do with the store.

We don’t have a plan.

We just know we want to share our product with people.”

With their hands, they were making chocolate for the first time.

But it wasn’t just a fun project.

The team also shared with the Toronto Star their process of making the first batch of handmade choco chips.

“It was a lot of fun,” said Jana Lecce, one of those working on it.

“It was hard, but it was a very fun experience.”

Here’s how to make a handmade chocobo choco chip (and more):1.

Melt chocolate on the stove 2.

Combine the melted chocolate with water and oil3.

Add water and heat to boil4.

Add flour and mix until the dough is soft and elastic5.

Roll dough into a cylinder and flatten it onto a sheet of parchment paper6.

Place chococohackers on parchment paper in the oven and cook for five minutes.7.

Remove chococheids from the oven, place on paper towel and wipe with a damp cloth to dry out the dough8.

Let the chocochoppers sit for a minute to let the dough cool and firm up.9.

Cut the chocolores into thin strips10.

Place each strip in a large bowl and set aside.11.

Cut into thin pieces and store in the fridge for up to three days12.

Enjoy them cold, chilled, or as a snack!


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