‘I’m not a bad person’: Cheers are given to man who was bitten by a snake

‘I’m not a bad person’: Cheers are given to man who was bitten by a snake

Posted September 06, 2018 09:33:20 A man who has been bitten by an exotic animal has described the experience as a “giant win” and says he’s “not a bad man”.

Key points:Chesham man Adam Wigglesworth was bitten on the neck by a python at a home in Cansham in DecemberThe snake bit Wigglingworth’s neck, but did not bite his leg and he was able to escapeThe Cansley man said he’s glad he escapedThe Cops have been called to the home where the incident happened in Cutsman in January.

Adam Wiggenson said he was “thrilled” to have escaped the attack, and was “so relieved” when he could go home.

“I was actually on the phone with a friend when the snake bit my neck,” he said.

“It was just a horrible experience, the snake got in my eye and I had to put a bandage on it.”

He said he’d been at home for about a week and had taken in some “crazy wildlife” before.

“The snake got a little bit of the hair on the top of my head, but not really anything, and then it just sat there and ate me,” he added.

“They got me so excited that I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve got to go, I can’t believe this happened.'”

He said his friend and a local man, both of whom had been with him at the time, helped him.

“One of them just came out of the house and said, ‘I’ve got a snake’,” Mr Wiggsons son, Tom, said.’

It’s not something you can just take for granted’Mr Wigglingsworth said he did have a bite on his neck.

“We’re not sure exactly how it happened, but it did sting, and it just sort of tickled,” he explained.

“So when I saw that it was an animal and it didn’t hurt me, I was relieved and then I was really happy that I could go and be with my family.”

He told the ABC he was grateful to the local man who helped him out.

“He came over, gave me a little towel and I was very grateful to him,” he continued.

“And then the snake just sat and ate it.”

“So yeah, I’m happy it was a snake, I mean I didn’t really think it was anything like that.”

Mr Wigsworth said the experience was the biggest win of his life.

“A win is something that I’m not really going to be able to explain, but I think it’s really awesome, and I’m so glad I was able in the end to get out of there,” he told the Cops.

“There’s a lot of snakes out there, and a lot more than I’ve seen in my life, but to have that little bit, you know, it’s not like I’d go to get it for myself, but for someone else, it was really nice.”

Mr Wardens mother told News.au she was “saddened” that her son would be out of danger.

“You just don’t know when to get away,” she said.

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