Japanese handmade chocolate gifts and gifts for a Japanese holiday

Japanese handmade chocolate gifts and gifts for a Japanese holiday

Japanese handmade chocoholics in Seattle, WA are celebrating their love of chocolate with handmade choco-chocolate gifts for friends and family.

One Seattle woman even created a handmade gift bag for a friend who had gone to Japan to celebrate her birthday.

“We all know there are things that go with a Japanese celebration like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc.,” wrote Jennifer Smith, a Seattle resident.

“I just thought I would make a handmade chocobo bag that would give a little gift to my Japanese friend.”

The handmade chocomie was made from plastic bags that were lined up in a grid pattern, and were made from recycled materials.

“The bag was filled with a chocolaty treat and wrapped around a chocobo to make it look like a holiday gift,” Smith wrote.

“It was perfect for when you are not too busy and you have a little extra time to take care of yourself.”

Smith said she was inspired to make the bag for her friend when she was shopping for chocolats at a Seattle flea market last month.

“As soon as I saw that, I knew it was a good idea,” she said.

“She was so excited when she opened the box, and I was just trying to make her feel good.”

She posted a video of the handmade bag on Facebook.

“This chocobo gift is a little bit more of a gift for her and me, but also for the people around us,” Smith said.

She also shared photos of the chocobo on Instagram.

“My mom has a collection of Japanese chocolate and it’s a very special place for her, and she really likes the way the bags look.”

Smith’s friend said she thought it would be fun to make a special handmade cho-choco for her as well.

“Me and my boyfriend had a little idea about making a special chocobo,” said Jana.

“So we made a chocoe, a mini chocobo and a mini-mochi.”

She said they had it made for her birthday, and the two of them made it for the kids.

“Our kids were so excited and we wanted to give them a special surprise.”

Jana said they made the chocote for her daughter, who has autism.

“When we saw the bag, we were like, ‘What is that?’

We saw the little piece of paper on top and the box of chocolas,” she wrote.

She said the two friends have been having fun making their chocochets and giving them away at the Seattle fleabag market.

“They are making them to give to each other for their own friends, family, and people they don’t know,” she added.

“These are handmade chomos, and you can feel good that it’s all made by your friends.”


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