‘Sugar Cane’ candy bar maker to make chocolate bars to commemorate death of star player

‘Sugar Cane’ candy bar maker to make chocolate bars to commemorate death of star player

“We’re in the midst of an epidemic, and we’re trying to do what we can to help make the people around us better,” said Michael Chavis, co-founder of Chavis Chocolate.

“If you’re a die-hard Sugar Cane fan, you’re going to want to know that there’s going to be a Chavis Candy Bar in your local area.”

Chavis’ company is the second in a three-part partnership with the Sugar Canes to make Chavis Cane Chocolates to commemorate the death of Dallas Cowboys star and Hall of Fame quarterback Jerry Rice.

Rice died at age 50 on Sept. 2, 2017, after a long battle with colon cancer.

Rice’s family released a statement Monday announcing the partnership with Chavis Chocolades.

“Jerry Rice was a beloved member of the Dallas Cowboys and one of the most respected and well-liked men in the world,” Rice’s brother Jerry Rice said.

Chaisys candy bar will be sold by its own store in the Dallas area. “

While Jerry’s passing is not anticipated to affect the current product, we are making Chavis the first company to create a new signature Chavis candy bar in the future.”

Chaisys candy bar will be sold by its own store in the Dallas area.

The Sugar Cains candy bar is currently sold at Target, Target, Kroger and Walmart stores nationwide.

Chavis announced plans to sell the candy bar at stores nationwide in September.

The partnership with Sugar Cakes also includes a Sugar Cone-themed merchandise line, which will include Chavis chocolay, a Chocolice bag, a Sugar-Tape and a Chusys candy cup.

Chacci said the line will launch in the fall, but a retail launch date was not announced.

He said the candy bars are also being sold by the Candy Factory in Chicago and Chavis in Austin.

He also said he’s working with the Chavis chocolate company to launch a line of chocolats for schools.

“We wanted to do something fun to mark Jerry’s life, but at the same time celebrate his legacy,” Chavis said.


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