The story behind the chocolate gong: What we know about the story behind Chicago’s handmade chocolate

The story behind the chocolate gong: What we know about the story behind Chicago’s handmade chocolate

The story of Chicago’s handcrafted chocolate began with the founding of a coffee shop in 1894, when an Italian immigrant named Antonio Giacobini decided to make a cup of coffee for a neighbor.

A local baker named John B. Brown had a batch of chocolaty goodies that he thought were too sweet, so he turned them into chocolate bars.

Then Giacobs’ wife, Francesca, brought home some of his chocolate-laced coffee and baked it into an espresso-like drink.

Giacoms wife called it the Chocolate Cafe.

Soon enough, the coffee shop became a fixture of the neighborhood, where people from all over the world would congregate to share a drink.

Soon after, Giacos coffee shop and the cafe became the center of the chocolate business, which soon grew to include all sorts of different shops and cafes.

Now, the chocolate industry has grown to include more than 250 chocolate makers, and Chicago has its own chocolate market, which is booming.

But to get to this point, the story of the Chicago-made chocolate is not one of a big-name, national brand.

The history of the company goes back to the 1880s, when a group of Chicagoans met and began to discuss the chocolate needs of their town.

In the 1880’s, the area around Chicago was experiencing an industrial boom, with an influx of new factory workers who wanted to make their mark in the United States.

But for some of these new workers, the factories and factories didn’t have enough chocolate to go around.

That was the first time that a company was making chocolate.

By the 1920’s, Chicago was one of the most popular destinations in the country for cocoa beans.

The city’s growing chocolate industry took off and chocolate became a mainstay of the local economy.

Chocolate shops and coffee shops became an important part of the community, and the chocolate craze was on the rise.

In 1926, Chicago’s city government passed the Chocolate Act, which set up a special fund for the city’s chocolate industry.

That same year, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange opened a new chocolate warehouse on the city-owned Chicago River.

The warehouse was known as the Chocolate Warehouse, and in the 1930s, the company began producing chocolate bars in Chicago.

But the company was still struggling with the demand from consumers.

And in the mid-30s, a new market opened up: the Chicago Board of Trade.

As a result of the Board of Trustee’s demand for more and more chocolate bars, Chicagoans started to feel their community’s growing cachet.

Soon, a number of Chicago-based chocolate makers began branching out from the warehouse to other places in the city.

By 1945, the Chocolate Company was based in the Chicago Botanical Garden.

By then, the chain of chocolate-making firms had grown to about 30, and it had established a reputation for producing chocolate that was consistently superior to the factory-made offerings.

In 1954, the factory opened its first factory in South Lake Tahoe.

The company moved from its headquarters in South Chicago to its current location in Northbrook.

By 1956, the city had become a major chocolate producer, with the Chicago Chocolate Company’s chocolate sales exceeding that of Chicago alone.

But with a growing number of other chocolate makers expanding their operations, demand for the company’s chocolate continued to grow.

By 1965, the first chocolate factory in the U.S. was opening in Seattle.

And by 1980, the second factory in North America was opening.

By 1986, the third chocolate factory was opening, and by 1992, the fourth was in California.

And that was when Chicago started to see the emergence of other companies producing chocolate.

In addition to the Chicago company, other companies began producing and exporting chocolate in the area.

By 1988, Chicago had over 100 chocolate-producing businesses.

In 1996, the number of chocolate factories had increased to almost 600, with more than 50,000 chocolate workers.

By 2001, there were over 1,300 chocolate-working jobs in the Chicagoland area.

And at the same time, the demand for chocolate was expanding.

Today, there are about 1.3 million chocolate-makers in the world.

According to a report from the Chocolate Institute of America, demand from chocolate-loving consumers has increased by 70 percent in the last decade.

Demand for cocoa is growing as well, as demand for cocoa butter and cocoa powder has also increased, and demand for coffee, tea, and other sweet drinks is also growing.

In fact, demand to buy chocolate is increasing even faster than demand for food, which has not grown at the rate of cocoa.

And according to the U-M Center for Chocolate Research, the global demand for high-quality chocolate has grown by 80 percent in a year, and is expected to grow by another 40


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