WATCH: Lorah ‘Hands-on’ With Her Own Handmade Chocolate Chip Cookies

WATCH: Lorah ‘Hands-on’ With Her Own Handmade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Lorah says she has been obsessed with chocolate chip cookies for a while now, but when she found out they were being made with handcrafted chocolating, she had to try them.

“I started researching the different types and I was obsessed with the handcrafted ones because they are so different and the taste and texture is so amazing,” she says.

“[When] you try a handcrafted cookie, it’s like you’ve never seen something like that before.”

The first thing Lorah would look at is the ingredients list, which she had been reading for years, so she started to ask questions about each ingredient.

Her next step was to find out what the process involved and how much she could afford.

The process Lorah went through was similar to any other cookie dough maker.

First, they would mix together some flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder and a touch of salt.

Next, they took a piece of parchment paper and laid it flat on the counter and let the dough sit for 10 minutes.

Finally, they put the dough into a large mixing bowl, turned the bowl upside down and started adding the ingredients, one at a time.

At the end, they added a touch more flour and baking powder.

Once they were all mixed together, Lorah flipped the dough over and let it sit for a few minutes, to make sure everything was mixed together.

Lorah then placed the dough on a baking sheet and let her husband Mark finish the final touches.

After the dough was dry, she took it out of the oven and laid on the cookie sheet for an hour, to ensure it was fully cooked.

When it was done, Loranah handed it to her boyfriend Mark who put it on a tray and told Lorah to turn it over so she could see how it looked.

“It was really cute,” she said.

She loved that she was able to see how the dough looked when she finished, as she was sure she’d see the finished product.

Lorahs homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe Lorie says her boyfriend was able also to help make the cookies, as he is a food artist and he had his own techniques for making cookies.

He had to take out a piece, cut it into small pieces and put them in the fridge overnight to ensure the cookies would stay soft.

Then he would take out the dough and start rolling it out on a lightly floured surface, using a rolling pin.

Mark had to use his hands to roll the dough to get the desired shape.

To make the chocolate chip filling, Loraine took a small piece of chocolate and rolled it into a ball, and then put the chocolate on top of the cookie dough.

She then started to bake the cookies and then turned them over so the chocolate chips were all over the surface.

After the cookies were baked, Lorane and Mark took a tray with the chocolate off and placed the cookies in it.

While the cookies sat on the tray, Loranne took out the parchment paper.

She started to roll out the chocolate into a long strip, and when it was finished, she placed it on top. 

Loraine and Mark also had to add a touch less flour to make the filling stick.

If Loraine were to try to do the dough in her own hands, she says she would just use a spoon to add the dough, which would make it very messy and difficult to work with.

Instead, Lorannahs husband helped her out with a couple of tricks.

First, LorAnn placed the parchment-covered dough in a small bowl and started pouring it over the chocolate.

Second, Lorann placed the bowl on top and covered it with a clean towel to make it look like a pie plate.

 Finally, Loranna placed the chocolate over the parchment and then poured the filling over it.

She says her husband had to work at the dough until he was satisfied, and that the chocolate itself didn’t take long to set.

But Loraine says her homemade chocolate chips are still a hit with her friends.

“I’m very pleased that I’m able to do something I’ve always wanted to do,” she tells Lorrah.

You can follow Loraine’s progress on Instagram and Facebook .


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