“What is chocolate boekh?”

“What is chocolate boekh?”

Posted by New Scientist on Wednesday, December 14, 2018 04:28:04 What is chocolate?

And why is it called boek h?

The word chocolate comes from the Latin word, kangue meaning to eat.

It was introduced in the 19th century by the French chemist Louis Pasteur who used the word in his experiments on yeast, fruit and nuts.

The fruit of the orange tree, which was named for its large seed, is the fruit of a species of tree called the boekho, which is known for its sweet-smelling leaves.

The boek is a member of the genus Phyllopodium, which means “tree of life”.

Chocolate is a type of dried fruit known for being nutritionally dense, high in nutrients, low in sugar, and a great source of vitamin E, iron and calcium.

So what is chocolate really made of?

It is mostly cocoa powder, but a small amount of sugar is added.

The cocoa nibs are used to make the chocolate itself, which are also known as the cocoa butter.

The butter is made by heating cocoa powder to 200 degrees Celsius, then adding the sugar to make it sweet.

The end result is a smooth, thick chocolate that has a rich, creamy texture.

How is it made?

Cocoa is the most common plant food used in the world.

It is also the source of cocoa beans and the seeds used in baking.

The chocolate is processed in a special machine, which makes it harder for water to get into the cocoa.

The machine also makes a paste, which the food is then mixed with.

The process is repeated until the cocoa paste is the consistency of a fine-grained, coarse-grains confectioner’s sugar.

This makes the chocolate creamy and buttery.

Is chocolate a good source of protein?

Chocolate is high in protein.

It contains more than 70% of the calories of a chocolate bar.

If you eat a chocolate treat a day, you will burn a lot of calories, too.

It also contains more iron than a piece of white bread, as well as zinc and magnesium.

The main problem with chocolate is that it is too hard to eat, but this is easily avoided by following a simple, healthy diet.

Do I need a chocolate diet?

Yes, you do need a healthy chocolate diet if you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy metabolism.

To get the best out of chocolate, you should eat plenty of it.

However, if you don’t have a healthy diet, it might be difficult to find the right chocolate.

A diet that’s high in fat, sugar and sodium can lead to fat build-up in your stomach and cause weight gain.

This can lead, for example, to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

To avoid these diseases, you might want to add some healthy fats to your diet to help with digestion.


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