Which Australian craft brewery has the best chocolaty?

Which Australian craft brewery has the best chocolaty?

By Ben GolliverThe Perth Mint and The Perthshire Malt Exchange are two of the best Australian craft brewers and distillers and the Perth Mint is one of the top producers in the country, with its flagship malt-based beer, The Perth Mint Pale Ale.

The malt is sourced from the north of the state and is said to be aged for several months before it’s bottled. 

Auckland’s Perth Mint Distillery also makes a range of products including chocolats and liqueurs. 

“We are very proud of our craft beer and chocolators,” co-founder James Hogg told ABC News Breakfast.

“We make a variety of flavours that are both chocolate and traditional chocolate that we have aged for many months.”

They are a lovely, easy-to-make product, they are not very expensive to make, so they are very appealing to consumers.

“But some craft beer enthusiasts say the Perth mints are the exception, not the rule. 

Melbourne’s Brewery District Distillery makes a variety that are said to have a chocolate flavour.”

The Perth mint has been around for a while,” said Brewery District director Andrew Wootton.”

It’s a really popular flavour among beer drinkers in Australia.

“Beer is popular in the Melbourne area, with local craft brewers producing a variety on tap including the Perthmint and Perthshire malt exchange, which produces its beer in a distillery in the city’s north-west. 

The Malt Exchange is also a Perth Mint distillery and distills malt extract from the state.”

Malt extract is a relatively new product, so we have had to learn the trade and the trade is good,” said brewer Mike Stokes.”

A lot of the other malt extract companies have a lot of innovation coming into it, but we are just going to focus on our beer.

“Mr Stokes also said that the Perthshire distillery had a reputation for making great beers.”

I think the people that work there really like the product and the people are very passionate about the product,” he said.”

As long as we keep producing great beer and doing a good job, I think we’ll have a good reputation.



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