Which brand is best for vegan chocoholics?

Which brand is best for vegan chocoholics?

The makers of artisan chocolatier and coffee shop chain Kent have released their 2016 Vegan Awards.

The award winners were selected based on customer satisfaction, quality of the products, the food- and-beverage-related experiences of their customers and the number of vegan restaurants that Kent had opened.

The vegan menu at Kent Chocolates and Coffee Shop.

Source: KentChocolates.com The award-winning vegan menu features vegan coffee, chocolats, chai latte, vegan espresso and vegan chocolate.

The menu includes items such as Vegan Pancakes, vegan macchiatos, vegan croissants, vegan cheese curds, vegan pastries, vegan cookies, vegan chips and vegan pasties, and includes vegan chai lattes, vegan mochas and vegan hot chocolate.

“It is a fantastic recognition of Kent Chocohaps and Coffee shop, which have become vegan in the past three years,” said the executive director of KentChocohats.com, Dr James MacGregor.

“Our vegan menu is the perfect opportunity for Kent to showcase how much they care about the environment, the environment of the environment.”

The Vegan Awards were launched in 2018 by Kent ChocoCafe and the Kent Vegan Kitchen.

“We are so pleased to have Kent’s vegan menu as part of the Vegan Awards,” said Ms MacGregon.

“Our focus has always been to serve food that is good for the planet, with a focus on sustainability.”

We have been serving vegan food to customers since 2010 and we look forward to having Kent and other restaurants recognise their efforts in this important area.

“KentChocochocolates is currently celebrating its 15th year in business and has sold more than 10 million vegan meals across Australia.

Its vegan menus are made by local farmers in the Gold Coast, south-east of Melbourne, with ingredients sourced from a variety of local suppliers.

Kent Chocolats and CoffeeShop are a locally owned and operated business.


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