Which Sydney bars will be featured on a special ‘Made in the Aussie’ menu

Which Sydney bars will be featured on a special ‘Made in the Aussie’ menu

A new menu has been unveiled by the owners of Sydney bars to celebrate their own origins and culture.

The Aussie Chocolate Company has unveiled a menu with ‘Made In The Aussie’, which features the most iconic and distinctive Australian foods, including chocolate, cookies, and other sweets from the state.

The menu also features the “most unique” Australian sweets, including kiwi, strawberry, carrot, avocado, banana, and coconut.

“The ‘Made’ menu is an homage to the Australian love of food and drink,” said AussieChocolate CEO and founder of the business, Lisa Williams.

“It celebrates the love of the food, and the history of this region, and our love for this beautiful land and its people.”

The Aussies are also showcasing a special chocolate ‘Made by Aussie Foodies’ menu for its ‘Made to Order’ cafe, which is currently in the works.

It is believed to be the first cafe to feature an Australian-inspired menu in the country.

“Made by Australian Foodies is a new concept that is taking Aussie food to the next level,” said Williams.

“We’ve worked with Aussie chocolate manufacturers to bring this concept to life.

The results are delicious, with chocolate-inspired food and beverages, plus a menu full of Australia-themed snacks and treats.”

We’re thrilled to be able to partner with the Aussie Chocolate Company to bring the Made In The Australian menu to the world.

From the best Australian-crafted chocolate in the world to the most unique Australian sweets.””

Made in Australia is about creating and celebrating the best in Australian food,” she said.

“From the best Australian-crafted chocolate in the world to the most unique Australian sweets.”

The menu is available online for purchase from the AUSICANCHOCOIN website and the AUSSICAN CHOCOLATE FACEBOOK page.

The AUSICANCHOCOOF FACEBOOK has also been launched to promote the menu.

AUSICAN CHOOLATE is a global chocolate company founded in Sydney in 2004, based in London, Australia.

In December 2016, the company celebrated its centenary with a press conference where they unveiled their first Australian chocolate product, a new line of chocolate bars, including the AUSTRALIAN CHOCOONA, which was created in collaboration with Australian cocoa specialist Nelton Foods.

Australian chocolate was first made commercially in Sydney and has since become a staple ingredient in the national diet, including in a range of soft drinks, baked goods and desserts.


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