Why a shop that has ‘made my day’ is worth £500,000 more

Why a shop that has ‘made my day’ is worth £500,000 more

Posted July 28, 2018 09:07:17 When it comes to making your own chocolate, the Lad Bible is definitely a chocolate shop.

The shop has grown to be one of the UK’s most popular brands, selling some of the most popular chocolatiers in the country and a host of artisan chocolate brands in their own right.

The website says its “one of the few chocolate shops in the UK” that has been in business since the 1960s and has since grown into a business that has grown into an “online business, with a presence in all 50 states, and the UK.”

The Lad bible’s website, which features photos of chocolate products in various states of quality, also has a section called “Chocolate.”

In the first of several videos in the video, a man sits down with a chocolate bar, which he then proceeds to show the video to the shop owner, who replies, “I make my own chocolate.

And I make my chocolate in a way that’s as good as the chocolate that’s in the store.”

“We do it because I don’t like the price of it.

I don- I’m not interested in the profit margins,” the man says.

The Lad shop, which was founded in 1865 and has its own “chocolate department” on the front of the shop, has a full-time staff of eight, and is open daily from 10am to 10pm.

The video shows the shop being visited by a customer who says, “Thank you, Lad.

It’s nice to see someone like you in my neighbourhood.”

“I know a lot of people don’t think about chocolate, but we make it because it’s a treat,” the shop’s owner says.

“It’s a very good product.

I think you can do better than that.”

In addition to its chocolate, Lad’s chocolats range includes coffee, tea, ice cream, cakes and desserts, as well as a range of teas, cakes, cookies, chocolate bars, cupcakes and other sweets.

The site’s owner, Andrew, says the shop has always had “a really good quality, so it’s great that it’s been growing, and that it can be enjoyed in a variety of places.”

“The quality of our chocolate is fantastic, and we’re getting really good feedback,” he said.

“We have some customers coming from the UK who are visiting us because they want to buy our chocolate, and it’s the best chocolate they’ve had in a long time.”

Andrew said the shop also has the opportunity to grow its business “if we get people to shop in the shops.

It can really help.”

The shop’s customers can choose from a range.

For example, the shop sells chocolate bars in a range that includes a “white chocolate bar” and a “dark chocolate bar.”

The white chocolate bar has a white centre, while the dark chocolate bar is a light chocolate with a brown centre.

The “white” bar is made of 100% cocoa powder and has a price tag of £18.

The chocolate bar also has “chocolatier” logos on it, including the Lad bible.

The white bar has chocolate chips on top, while a dark chocolate and dark chocolate chip bar both have chocolate chips.

The black chocolate bar and the dark and white chocolate bars have a chocolate “Chrome” logo on them, while an “influencer” logo is placed above each bar.

A dark chocolate “Influencer Bar” is made by adding chocolate chips to the white chocolate, then adding cocoa powder to the dark, white and dark chips.

Andrew says the customer who bought the dark bar had a “really good experience.”

“He really enjoyed it, and he loves the taste, and said he’s going to try more of the different flavours.”

Andrew says he has noticed an increase in demand for the shop.

“I think the last time we had a big influx was probably a couple of years ago, so I don


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